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Power better business decisions across the employment lifecycle

KPISOFT’s On-demand People Analytics platform is now available to help you make better decisions – from when people join, to learn, to connect, to perform and to grow:

  • Visualize functional performance indicators, and share across your teams and organization, real-time.
    For the HR function, select from a set of 200+ pre-defined metrics
  • Understand areas of strength and needing attention across the employment lifecycle
  • Translate people analytics to decisions, to action, using contextual behavioural nudges
Transparency & Visibility
  • Increase managerial visibility of employees.
  • Start new conversations around collaborative opportunities.
  • Drive performance awareness.
Eliminate Underachievement
  • Democratize performance data.
  • Create actionable insights that motivate employees to track and improve performance.
Collaboration & Co-Creation
  • Get a detailed view to the capacity of every individual in your workforce.
  • Use KPI matrix to visualize how key metrics are shared and supported across teams.

Seamlessly sync different datasets

  • Pull together data sets from different functions into a single, easy to read unified display.
  • Transform data to meet established integrity benchmarks.
  • Access near-time information from data sources with frequent updates.
  • Cut through the noise of business data – by going from a high-level to granular view.

Advance your analytics maturity

  • Create value regardless of where you stand on your analytics maturity curve.
  • Create simple data management frameworks and standard metrics for the organization.
  • Empower managers with automated actionable insights to support decision-making.
  • Use statistical and AI-powered models to predict outcomes and correct gaps.

Augment your people analytics capabilities

  • From mitigating risks in recruitment pipeline, to assessing skill gaps and nudging learning journeys, to optimizing current resources, aid the best decisions across the employment lifecycle.
  • Get a real-time view on the performance metrics for your team and organization.
  • Help create the best career path for team members.

Out-of-box visualization, themes and personalization options

  • Add context to BI visuals with creative themes and personalization options.
  • Create as many or as few visualizations under one single dashboard or multiple dashboards with the same data source.

Insights-based task creation

  • Quit manually comparing and analyzing project status. With our BI-enabled system, simply automate efforts.
  • Increase customer confidence and trust by managing and tracking each business activity and timely reports.
For small teams working on game-changing innovations
Explore our pre-configured editions that are designed to help you accomplish targeted objectives.

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