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Performance turnaround for over 21,000 registered agents with regular ‘coach-ins’


The client is one of the top general insurance companies in Indonesia. However, its agency channel was not performing well, and the management wanted a solution to drive growth in the channel.


ASM management wanted to drive growth by increasing agent engagement with the company. While there are about 21,000 registered agents this company, less than 1,500 were considered active agents. To address this problem, its management decided to implement a coaching initiative where managers were required to conduct regular coaching sessions with each and every agent.

However, the company did not have a way to keep track and monitor the coaching sessions completed by the managers. And there was no clear way to measure the success of the initiative.


KPISOFT developed a private app for the client which allowed every manager to submit a “Coach-In” update whenever a coaching session is completed. Each submission would be accompanied by a “selfie” photo, and a geo-tagging of the meeting. This allows management to ensure that the coaching session has truly taken place.

The management receives a daily End-of-Day update on the total coaching sessions completed within their division/branches. This number is monitored closely to ensure that the coaching culture is being built into the organization.


ASM is now able to monitor coaching activity on a daily basis. Management can see which division/branch is underperforming and target those areas for higher coaching sessions.
Since the launch of this function to about 500 ASM leaders, more than 7,000 Coach-Ins have been submitted over a 6 month period.

Since we implemented Coach-In in June 2017, the client observed a 9% growth in GPW compared to the same period the previous year (H2’16 vs H2’17).

IDR Bn 2016 2017 % change
Full Year 5,950.03 6,087.70 2.3%
2nd Half 2,172.10 2,372.58 9.2%

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