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Enhanced business decision-making, on-the-go sales team tracking for over 100 branches and sub-branches

The client is the asset management subsidiary company of one of the largest Indonesian conglomerates and has been operating in the Indonesian capital markets for more than 23 years.


As recently as 2017, the division was up against the challenge of effectively tracking the performance of its growing sales team that was spread out across Indonesia.

It wanted to systematically track the sales activity within the firm — often it had no clue of how the sales team members were performing till the end-of-month reports were out, which was considered late. Tracking calls, for instance, can be significantly beneficial as calls are the leading indicators that translate into sales at a later stage.

The firm was also trying to digitalise the overall reporting method of sales activity as opposed to manual reporting using excel sheets once or twice per month. This, in turn, led to a lack of visibility for the management to see where sales activity stood at any given time and hampered the ability to make effective business decisions as they were based on lagging commercial data.


KPISOFT developed a private app with a CRM-lite feature that allows sales staff to input its sales activity (calls and meetings) on-the-go, rather than heading back to office with a backlog of ‘half-forgotten’ conversations. It enables each sales staff to conveniently input and submit their sales activity, such as calls made “call-in” and meetings conducted “meet-in,” on their mobile phones. (The app is hosted on the cloud.)

Each call and meeting is tagged to a specific customer, and the activity history is made available to the sales staff for monitoring. The customer journey, therefore, can be tracked from their first contact with the sales staff, all the way to the sale closing.

KPISOFT also developed a dashboard for the company’s management to measure the overall sales activity across 8 regions and over 100 branches and sub-branches.


Today, the firm has deployed the KPISOFT solution in sales staff across 14 regions and over 100 branches.

Now its sales staff can track the progress of their activities throughout the month rather than waiting for end-of-month reports to be published. This helps to motivate the sales team to achieve more. Each branch manager, regional manager, and senior management team member also has access to a sales dashboard to monitor sales activity on a daily basis.

The company’s management as a result has a much greater visibility over its sales activities and performance, helping them identify any gaps.

In addition to performance tracking, the sales staff can view and communicate the latest product prices to the clients instantly as opposed to waiting from the product team to get back with that information.

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