• Set goals
  • Monitor progress
  • Manage & motivate self

Team Performance

  • Manage Team Performance
  • Approve goals & monitor progress
  • Coach-in
  • Motivate team

Analytical Dashboards

  • Manage outcomes
  • Slide & dice performance data
  • Drill-down, drill-across dimensions for analysis on the go
  • Performance vs budget, trends and forecasts

Engagement stream

  • Align team through timely communication
  • Collaborate on performance insights with team
  • Share key updates to your enterprise network

Actionable insights

  • Behavior changing actionable insights
  • Powered by machine learning technologies and performance improvement algorithms
  • Contextualized and personalized insights for each user

Augmented Analytics at Your Fingertips

“The era of silo operations, waterfall decisions, and disengaged workforce are over.”

With KPISOFT Cognitive Performance Management Platform, your enterprise can now be more engaged, transparent, collaborative, and transparent with your organizational, operational, and people performance goals and metrics. Your company can achieve this by:

Embedding each process of goal setting into optimum alignment with organizational strategy

Enabling a highly flexible and configurable governance engine to the level of alignment required at all levels of the organization

Measuring the impact of alignment to topline goals and performance and providing seamless visibility

Democratization of Transparency and Accountability

“By democratizing data, KPISOFT builds the most contextualized, time-relevant,
and individualized performance goals for every individual.”

Data democratization is a direct result of the influx and availability of Big Data along with new technologies that enable even non-technical people to interpret data. By democratizing data, each member of your organization can have access to data relevant to their roles – like eliminating bottlenecks at the gateways to the data.

With KPISOFT, you can provide your employees with easy access and a convenient way to understand data and use it to expedite decision-making. You can empower them to see opportunities without barriers to access or understanding. KPISOFT can help you achieve this by providing:

Regular performance updates delivered straight to user (leaders and individual contributors alike) inboxes to keep them up to speed on how the team works

A collaborative approach to coaching to enable leaders to interact with performance insights together, allowing you to resolve challenges as a team for faster results

Custom dashboards that link individual, team, and division insights for at-a-glance KPIs that allow you to quickly spot problem areas, outliers, and opportunities for improvement

Always-on connection for easy access to performance insights from any device

Connected Workforce Collaborating on Performance

“By democratizing data, KPISOFT builds the most contextualized, time-relevant, and individualized performance goals for every individual.”

Breaking down silos requires the right tools to facilitate open communication in the context of the organization’s strategic plan and milestones. KPISOFT can integrate your company's collaboration tools with its strategic plan by:

Bringing collaboration at your fingertips: KPISOFT’s contextual collaboration tools link discussions directly to organizational goals and milestones – no redundancies, no copy and pasting old conversations, no digging for history

Building a culture of insights: Putting collaborative discussions between managers and teams in the context of performance outcomes enables a culture of insights

Enabling remote and on-the-go collaboration: Third-party conferencing functionality allows multi-location colleagues to collaborate on performance updates on the fly, and targeted performance insight push-notifications mean managers stay in the loop even when they’re on the go

Accelerating strategy execution: Harness the power of organization-wide collaboration to accelerate strategic milestones with a constant performance feedback loop

Reduce Data Overload, Focus on KPIs

“The AI and Machine Learning Cognitive platform reduces data overload, helps people focus on what is important and drive higher adoption for their KPI goals.”

KPISOFT’s AI and Machine Learning Cognitive platform helps your organization to realistically review the performance of your employees using a “one-size-fits-one” model that considers metrics specific to their unit. This helps managers quickly identify top performers, gain insight into weak scorecards, and compare review considerations against each other to develop their organization’s own best practice standards over time.

One-size-fits-one: Allow managers to create unlimited calibration groups, giving them the flexibility to group their team members according to their unique metrics

Default calibration framework: Allow your organization to get started quickly and fine-tune as you go based on best practices

Smart automation: Generate your initial ratings and calibrate from there to account for outside factors, changing milestones, and other individual factors