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How a Solid Performance Review Can Retain Top Performers

So, let’s start with: What Do Your High Potentials Expect from You? 1. To be part of the company vision, mission, and goals 2. To receive continuous and meaningful feedback 3. To be challenged 4. To be rewarded for great work 5. To understand their options for growth and promotion Well, doesn’t every employee want […]

by KPISOFT on Sep 28, 2016
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Behavior-Based Performance Management

Discover how Dallas-based Lone Star uses Behaviors to hire right and groom their next generation of leaders Behavior-based management is the ‘simple principle’ that People Perform Best when they know:

by KPISOFT on Sep 14, 2016
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Why Do Employees Need Goals?

5 Reason Why Your Employees Need Goals In four short months, 2016 will be on its way out and we’ll be ringing in the new year. Along with the New Year’s celebration, we’ll be looking back at what we accomplished and what we didn’t. Most of us will cross off very few personal goals and just […]

by KPISOFT on Sep 07, 2016
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How to Create an Engaged Salesforce by Measuring Success

Go Digital…Take Your Insurance Sales Team from Good to Great Traditional insurance companies have long run their business on their reputation of ethical practices and a superior trust-factor. Other items that created a strong relationship were the quality of their brand, product reliability, second-to-none customer support and the salesmanship of their agents.

by KPISOFT on Jul 01, 2016
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5 Signs Showing it’s Time to Get Serious About Managing Performance

We all know that employees are our company and that we are only as good as our employees’ performance.  Our company is not only the products we sell, but it’s how we sell the products. It’s not only the customer service we offer, but how we offer the service. And it’s not only the widgets we manufacture, but […]

by KPISOFT on Jun 17, 2016
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