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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Is Your Organization Full Steam Ahead or Pumping the Brakes?

by KPISOFT on Feb 07, 2019
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Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds Your Customers

Why employee experience mustn’t play second fiddle to customer experience

by KPISOFT on Jan 30, 2019
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AI in the Boardroom: It's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

by KPISOFT on Dec 14, 2018
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Analytics Magic: Calm Technology + Context-Aware Computing

Analytics Magic: Calm Technology + Context-Aware Computing — Three steps to take now to prepare for the adaptation revolution

by KPISOFT on Nov 30, 2018
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Tired of looking in the rearview mirror? Two key secrets to modern management reporting

There’s no denying data plays a crucial role in business decision making, but organizations today face a conundrum of a different kind. In many cases, the abundance of analytics and dashboarding can be as overwhelming as the flood of data that preceded it.

by KPISOFT on Nov 07, 2018
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