Say Hello to Your Second Brain

KPISOFT delivers actionable insights to everyone in the enterprise by seamlessly linking corporate KPIs to operational metrics and individual performance with the power of AI.
Our platform works like your enterprise’s second brain, giving awareness of your real time performance insight that matters and alert against performance bottlenecks by seamlessly delivering augmented push content.

Raise the Performance Consciousness of your Enterprise

KPISOFT creates a connected enterprise tied to performance. Integrating everyone with contextualized individual actionable insights related to the performance of the enterprise, from the C-Suite to operations and finally to the people on the ground, KPISOFT offers real-time awareness of performance, encouraging collaboration and corrective action.

Democratized Decision Making at Every Level of the Organization

KPISOFT offers an unprecedented artificially intelligent platform that gives real-time performance awareness and connected visibility, driving instant action and alleviating performance blind spots.

Augmented Analytics Is the New Bottom Line

Our Augmented Analytics platform gets your enterprise significantly more engaged, collaborative, and transparent, directly impacting performance and your bottomline.

Connected Workforce
Collaborating on Performance

Breaking down silos requires a next generation analytics tool. KPISOFT becomes your own personal assistant within your performance universe right at your fingertips enabling opening communication in the context of strategic plans and milestones.

Eliminate Data Overload. Focus on the Right Metrics.

The quest for data is so last decade. Goalless data analysis is overrated in current times. Our philosophy is any data insight must be based upon corporate metrics mapped to operational levers and individual performance.
This is what we do at KPISOFT.

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